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Destinations that improve mental health & anxiety

After quite a 2020’s so far, we’re all looking for things that help with mental health improvements to some degree.

UAB Medicine makes a case for the correlation between travelling and overall mental well-being. There are so many benefits of having a break from normal life.

We’ve searched the globe (so to speak) and found some of the best places for mental health and negative feelings ‘therapy’.

Going on holiday can have its own stress, especially when it comes to the admin before - things not to forget before you leave etc, but once you arrive it’s time to replenish!

Sound good? Then let’s get straight into showcasing positive places for mental health, and not waste a second more!

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Vienna Austria

Skyline shot of Vienna, Austria

The capital is refreshingly European; if reflecting on architecture, slowly canvassing masterpieces and relics in museums and having a tasty lunch on a trendy street is appealing, then this destination may be just what you need to both unwind and recharge.

Chords of the old Empire still play all around you, this gorgeous city entices and charms at every turn. They say Vienna is good for the soul and is a city dipped in tradition and hospitality – you may never want to leave! Check out:

  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Dinner and show
  • Cruise
  • Opera
  • Nightlife

One of the ‘city breaks’ top choices, the only thing left is to search and discover the things you can get up to there! Search them all out and book through our partners

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Lake District, UK

Tarn Hows, Ambleside, UK
Tarn Hows, Ambleside, UK

The crown of Cumbria in England and a place where history has been encased and preserved for your eyes to enjoy.

Even some of the pubs and hotels date back centuries!

The ideal location for trekking the rolling hills and mountains. Soak in panoramic views and let time fade away as you’re captured in the moment.

  • Hire a boat
  • Stargaze the darkest skies in the UK
  • Treetop challenges (really fun!)
  • Experience the microclimates (weather season changes in a day!)

It’s the place to slow down and destress. There’s nothing to worry about, only everything to look forward to.

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Queenstown New Zealand

Townsquare, Queenstown, New Zealand

Situated by Lake Wakatipu, this little town is brimming with adventure, blessed with natural beauty, and has earned a reputation for having a never-ending itinerary of things to do.

  • Mountain Walks
  • Bungee jumping
  • Snowboarding
  • Hot Pools & Spas
  • Nature trails
  • Cruises

We could go on and on. If you’re looking for a peaceful escape that allows for exciting and inspiring distractions and a taste of something new, then Queenstown might just be for you!

When some of cinema’s greatest franchises like Lord of The Rings and Mission Impossible have chosen this location for some of its dazzling backdrops and ancient forests, then you know it won’t disappoint.

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Paxi (Paxos) Island, Greece

Birdseye shot of beach and coast in Paxos, Greece

You knew that somewhere in the Mediterranean would be on our list!

No feel is quite like it, it’s an instant fix to mental strain if you’re willing to embrace the moment and soak it all up.

From classic dishes, to refreshing cocktails, water sports, cruises and hours and hours of glorious sunshine, it’s the perfect getaway to find happiness.

Paxi Island holds all these traits and some. One of the less busy islands, it’s the ideal spot for resort and retreat holidays. Residents are so friendly and you can explore:

  • Antipaxi (beaches)
  • Scuba Diving
  • Villas
  • Boat trip
  • Paxos Museum

Southern Europe at its finest, how about a day cruise to multiple islands to get you away from the usual pattern of life? Our friends hold the tickets! Book with Civitatis.com right here

Glacier National Park - Montana, US

Glacier National Park ~ Grinnell Lake ~ Montana

Now Montana as a whole is fantastic, but we have to single out a place that we know will fill you with peace and awe, and can untangle any mind that feels, messy.

Nature at its absolute finest, you’re treated to breath-taking lakes, natural glaciers, hundreds of miles of scenic trails – not to mention the mountainous regions, ecosystems and wildlife thriving in its environment. Why not think about:

  • Going-to-the-sun-road – one of the best drives in the US
  • Hiking
  • Water rafting
  • Boat tour

Forward planning is key, unlock the potential by booking things to do, tours to attend and activities to experience through our partners Viator.com right here

Kathmandu, Nepal

Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal
Durbar Square

With a backdrop of the Himalayans – and as some who have seen and testified, even Mount Everest – it’s going to be quite a challenge to find a better view anywhere on earth than from Kathmandu!

Hint: to see these ranges, aim to ascend the Chandragiri Hills

Ancient culture, fused with exquisite cuisines, tropical weather and packed with things to explore it’s certainly a place to help you forget all your worries. Consider:

  • Swayambhunath Temple
  • UNESCO Heritage: Bhaktapur
  • Durbar Square
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Boudhanath Stupa

There’s too much to list, but luckily our affiliate Civitatis.com has been putting one together for you! Search and book for the perfect trip right here

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Devon, UK

Rooftop view of town and sea at midday, Devon, UK

Known for its golden beaches, secluded coves and chilled atmosphere, Devon is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK and a go-to destination for lots of tourists who want a break away.

Practice surfing, walk the scenic routes, enjoy a drink in a lounge as the sun sets, it’s all yours for the taking.

With lots of spas and wellness spots, it’s an area very experienced when it comes to making you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and positive!

Add these to your list:

  • Bicton Park Gardens
  • Kents Cavern
  • Bantham Beach
  • Dartmoor National Park

Search and discover even more that Devon has to offer you, through our friends over at Viator.com, right here!

Reykjavik, Iceland

The sun voyager in Reykjavik
The Sun Voyager

It’s common to say ‘there no place like…’, but here we really mean it. Iceland is one of the most unique nations on earth and its capital Reykjavik is a gorgeous testament to this.

Idyllic, captivating and unforgettable. The natural surroundings look like they were lifted from a classic Disney film about Princesses and magic and wonder! One scenic view can make cares just, fade away.

The landscape isn’t the only thing – look up at the right time and witness a natural miracle, the northern lights! (But best to get a tour for the best seats in the house).

The city is lively and you’ll feel extremely welcomed as you have the warm invitation to explore and discover:

  • Ice skating
  • Hallgrimskirkja Church
  • Geothermal Spa
  • Perlan Museum

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Ko Lanta, Thailand

Boats on beach shore, Ko Lanta Thailand

If you truly want a taste of the orient, with the tranquillity and peace that comes from centuries of Buddhist influence, there can be no other place in the world than Thailand.

Ko Lanta is off the tourist track somewhat, allowing more ‘you’ time, time to enjoy the world-renowned beaches and incredible Thai food all served in restaurants dotted along the beach itself.

The weather is gorgeous, Ko Lanta itself hosts both shops in its Old Town and jungles, activities and massage parlours.

Be ready to be catered for like you’ve never experienced before!

Look out for:

  • Ko Rok Island (AMAZING!)
  • Lanta Klong Nin Beach
  • Kayaking
  • Cave Exploration

Your wellbeing will be given a supercharge in Ko Lanta. See what else can be in store for you by looking through things-to-do an experience with our partners Viator.com right here

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Snowdonia, Wales

Up Snowdon Mountain, Snowdonia, Wales

World-famous, highly respected as a place of beauty and a proud natural icon for the wonderful country of Wales.

Snowdonia National Park is located in the northwest and the ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway’ climbs have become a personal accomplishment for many tourists, as they see reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon as overcoming a challenge.

It’s one of the best things for the mind.

The scenes you will see are nothing short of staggering and it’s one of the few places you’ll see young and old, male and female, fit and getting there, all together as one, in unity.

Besides the Mountain climb which is highly recommended, other things are available to you:

  • Zip World Forest – fastest zipline in the world!
  • Conwy Castle
  • White water rafting
  • Gorge walking

Book them all and more through our friends at Viator.com right here

Even just dreaming is the start of any healing process. We know that stress, anxiety and fears all play their part in making your mental health suffer. But never fear, there’s always a place that will give you that boost to feeling and live better.

Happy trip!

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