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Best Beaches in the UK's south coast

Golden sand, clear waters, gorgeous scenery. Places that give off that Mediterranean vibe, British cuisines, cultures and experience, the perfect staycation.

Oh yes, the UK‘s award-winning south coast boasts it all and is readily available to you all year round!

We’ve followed no rules here, some refer to larger regions, others specific beaches, but we will guide you in the right direction to help you find the best spot.

The on-going pandemic has turned many travellers inwards, looking to the place they call home, to get away.

We are right there with you! And no matter the season, the UK’s south coast beaches and beach towns have so much to offer.

Take a trip with us and if you’re ready book your travel and accommodation we can help with that too! 


scenic Cornwall coastline, ocean views
Cornwall is simply, scenic!

Home of the world-famous Cornish pasty! But that’s far from all that Cornwall has to offer. If you’ve not walked on a beautiful Cornwall beach, you must change that. Water like glass, golden sands and old rock formations emerging from the sea, the scenery alone is captivating.

map of UK with Cornwall location on red dot

On a sunny day, paradise.

There are plenty of beaches to choose from along a lengthy coastline. Explore the coves, surf the waves, lounge on the beach for much deserved relaxation.  

A perfect couple or family trip and as the people and vibe are so relaxed, even the solo traveller will have an amazing time.

Make sure you check out Visit Cornwall’s beach guide to narrow down on the perfect spot. Oh and if you have a dog, some of Cornwall’s beaches would love to have the entire family come along!

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scenic Devon coastline, ocean views
The gorgeous beaches of Devon are better seen, not told!

Many who were raised in the UK have been to or heard of the beauty of Devon and its award winning beaches. It’s not disputed and truly stunning. It’s one of the many wonders the UK can boast to the rest of the world.

map of UK with Devon location on red dot

Devon beaches are arguably some of the best in the UK. Littered with seasoned beach towns, you will be looked after like royalty. There are so many things to do and endless miles of sandy beaches to enjoy.

Blue waters, lush green vegetation, you can easily lose yourself in the moment! Families, groups and solo travel all welcome.

Neighbouring Cornwall and with a similar culture;  friendliness, peace and tranquillity can be felt.

There's a lot for you to do and explore. Adventure along nature trails, enjoy a relaxing spa, soak in the vibe and gaze at panoramic bliss! All while staying near to this wonderful stretch of coast.

So many say they miss Devon’s beaches, be the one that says ‘I’m going’!

We wouldn’t leave you with a valuable guide on Devon’s Beaches.

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Jurassic Coast

Birdseye view of Jurassic coast coastline
nope, this photo wasn't taken thousands of years ago!

It just sounds amazing, Jurassic coast! But don’t worry, there are no large animal’s walking along this part of the coast!

map of UK with Jurassic Coast location on red dot

This gorgeous 95-mile coastal stretch of world heritage landscape boasts sights, walks and significant geological interest from all over the world.

Spanning from East Devon to Studland Bay (Dorset), experience real history, dynamic rock formations and the fossils that lay within.

But it not all tranquillity – which itself would be enough – there are also things to do, places to eat and experiences dipped in rich culture that you’ll never forget splashed through this beautiful section of the UK’s south coast.

Bring the kids, they’ll love it. Adore the natural world? Explore alone, with a partner or group and get lost in time as you soak and experience it all. Compared to other beaches the Jurassic coast is not as well-known, but that’s a great thing! This gem is unspoilt and ready for you to come and visit.  

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Popular destinations to stay:

Weymouth   Lyme Regis   Swanage

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Bournemouth, Dorset

fun fair near Bournemouth beach
Bournemouth is a sandy paradise, exciting the senses!

Once just an area of vegetation for cattle, Bournemouth has transformed into an international tourist hotspot and for great reason.

map of UK with Bournemouth location on red dot

Hotel balconies opening up to the ocean, miles of golden sand and scores of things to do like enjoying the pier, open air crazy golf or just relaxing to the sound of the water.

This destination has become increasingly popular with visits increasing every year – maybe it’s the stunning backdrop of cliffs for miles and miles or the fact Bournemouth’s beaches lay in an arc that affects the local climate in brilliant ways!

There are so many things to do around the beaches – water-based activities, walks, various cuisines, with all visitor feeling welcomed and look after. As one of the earliest dedicated seaside resorts, Bournemouth knows how to take of you, from families to group trips or any thing in between.

With all that, it’s no wonder this destination has been showered with awards for beauty, family friendliness and for just being overall a great place to visit!

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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight coastline, ocean views
Any poets out there? We're lost for words!
map of UK with Isle of Wight location on red dot

Positioned off the mainland, the Isle of Wight is a cosy, small island but with scenic views that bellow grandeur, nature and trails that are the envy of many other places around the world and not to be underestimated.

The locals are known for their hospitality and kindness and it’s an ideal place to bring the family or loved one.  

What about Isle of Wight’s beaches? Great care and pride has been taken to preserve the beaches.

Not only are they well kept, but they typically aren’t as busy as other beaches such as Brighton, so you’ll have so much more space to lounge, explore and take it the sights and sounds. Some of the walks around these beaches really must be seen to be appreciated!

Explore hidden treasures and walk the Ryde Pier, one of the oldest in the world, opening in 1842 and has an amazing beach named after it which is open all year round for you to enjoy.

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Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton pier from a distance
Maybe the most famous pier in the world? Spectacular!

One of the most famous pebble beaches on earth! With millions of visits per year and hundreds of thousands staying overnight, there has to be something Brighton beach has that is so appealing.

map of UK with Brighton location on red dot

With family friendly rides and attractions, the famous Pier, bars, clubs and eateries on the seashore, Brighton is the ultimate getaway for fun, giving a real holiday feel you’ll never get bored of.

Brighton nightlife is nationally renowned and many come to have a beach day and a night out making it the perfect city break.

But don’t be put off if you have children, Brighton has always been a family town, with a unique and very accepting culture you will feel like a homegrown Brightonian the moment you touch down!.  

There are many guides to Brighton, but we’d only recommend the best Brighton Beach guide which includes things to do around the area.

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Norfolk beach, old structure with algae making it scenic
Mystery and treasure, beauty and charm!

Remember when we said we aren’t following any rules? Well you’ll have to forgive us as this doesn’t technically fit in, but it’s too good to miss out on!

map of UK with Norfolk location on red dot

A beautiful place on the east coast of the UK, Norfolk beaches offers character as well as things to excite the explorer in us like crabbing and bird watching.  

Enjoy miles of glorious sands surrounded by nature and the symphony that comes with it. Have fun on the piers, spot the seals and enjoy the host of local shops and authentic British cuisines served with a smile.

Being a family oriented place, its beaches are children and pet friendly and the ideal place to get away from it all and find not just peace, but a great time!

Want the top 10 best beaches here Norfolk? We think this list is about the best out there.

Decided on going to Norfolk? Whether it’s flight, stays or train tickets, let us help to take the next step to getting your toes in the sand!



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So there you have our guide to the best beaches in the UK's south coast.

There is truly so much choice, you may have to plan more than one trip! There is nothing stopping you enjoying this gorgeous coastline, so pack your bags!

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