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6 Reasons to Visit France in 2023

This is going to be fun! The most popular tourist destination in the world just got even better.

From the beauty of the French Alps to the east, the desired Mediterranean weather to the south, the much voyaged and explored Atlantic Ocean to the west and rich history to the north - there’s nowhere in France you can’t go to be awed, enchanted, educated and thrilled.

France is a nation soaked in tradition, having a buffet of iconic landmarks and cultures that makes its appeal very strong.

If you’ve thought of going to France - then moved on, we’d ask you to stay with us and let’s see if we can’t give you some reasons to consider visiting this wonderful country.

Table of typical French facts such as population and national language

1. Places to visit

Where to visit in France in 2023 is a recurring question. Holding its own internationally when it comes to places to visit in France, you’d have to book a second trip if you wanted to cover them all.There are a lot of places to see, we couldn’t list them all, but here’s a taster that we think you will absolutely love.

Louvre pyramid at night
Louvre pyramid at night

In Paris:

  • Eiffel Tower – the iconic landmark and romantic backdrop of Paris.
  • Louvre Museum – properly named Musée du Louvre, this stunning museum holds some of the finest work ever created - including the Mona Lisa!
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral – a mastery in architecture, splendour for the eyes and a place to absorb culture, history and even find yourself (closed to the public until further notice, but you can still enjoy the building and surrounding area)

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Other Places:

  • Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy – standing confidently alone, this island draws visitors from all over the world to its beauty, with the abbey as the crown on the head of the mountain.
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes – a place of pilgrimage for Catholic Christians from all over the world, who revere the monument dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ which is the heart of the Sanctuary which surrounds it. There’s still whispers of miraculous healings to this day and the beauty and mystery of this ‘Domain’ (as it’s also called) is humbling. A visit to this area seen as sacred by many would be time well spent.                                                                                                                             

This is merely a starters list, but experience these places whilst on a visit to France and it’ll change the way you view the country and give you a deeper appreciation of the class that has been preserved for your enjoyment.


2. Things to do

Tourists enjoying Disneyland Paris
The magic of Disneyland!

There’s a huge list of things to do in France in 2023. As this is just a snapshot guide, we’ve picked some we know you’ll really love! Personally, we like the first one as it’s still such an exciting place as an adult!

Disneyland, Paris

We loved Disney films (and still do?) let’s be honest! We understand the magic, the nostalgia, the fun, the colours and the joy. Imagine how the kids will feel!

Iconic characters, thrilling rides, moments to remember forever. Disneyland is perfect for the children or even a romantic getaway with your partner.

Make 2023 a special and unforgettable year with a day trip (or stayover) to one of the most beloved theme parks in the world!



Some of the best ski resorts on earth? Absolutely. Pure white snow, dazzling scenery? There’s no question about it! I mean, the French Alps, do we need to say any more? The French Savoie, a picturesque region with a booming skiing economy.  

Skiing in France is a great social and leisure activity you can do together or independently.

You don’t have to be seasoned to go either, there’s space for the beginner who’ll have an absolute blast while also seeing mother nature at her finest.

Leave the snow to a cosy seat in a warm cabin, eating a hot meal and settling down to a delicious hot drink and laughing about that person in the group who fell down before they started skiing, now that sounds just about perfect!

Crystal Ski Holidays have an amazing range of Ski holidays for you to browse, book and enjoy!


Futuroscope Park, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

Think science and technology can’t be fun? Well, this may change your mind. Built on themes such as outer space, simulations, multimedia and scientific wonder this theme park offers a wide variety for all ages.

Futuroscope Park captivates the imagination, thrills the senses and offers a huge range of experiences enjoyed by millions every year.

Travel back in time, explore mars or just take on the daring rides! Discovery will never be more exhilarating.  


3. Food & Drink

Mediterranean style lunch with cheese, meats and grapes with wine
A moth-watering platter? Yes please!

Just thinking about this makes one want to sit down to a gorgeous meal and glass of Domaine de La Cendrillon, 2018! Known for the finer tastes in life, the French cuisine still holds a unique aura around it and various regions offer their own variety of delicacies.

Food is a huge part of the culture, from family debates at the table, to social gatherings or romantic dining. But aside from the ambiance, we wanted to tempt you with some of the nibbles and small choices that have been in French culture for an age.


France loves cheese! Oh it’s true and we do too. From Camembert from the Normandy region, Brie de Meaux from Ile-de-France and Emmental de Savoie from (you guessed it) the Savoie region, there are  thousands of cheeses and with that, those dedicated to the craft of cheese tasting and enjoyment.

Through Gourmet Cheese Detectives, find the local cheeses wherever you go, it’s so goood!


Books have been written, lives changed, dynasties formed – all while enjoying a glass! One of the most well-known produces of France is her wines.

Like cheeses, you could read extensively about different wines based on the French region. But most prefer to enjoy wine tasting or even wine making. It’s a sophisticated activity and one enjoyed again and again…and again!

Book your wine tasting experience!


Crepe with berries and cream
It's be rude to say no!

We have to spoil ourselves once in a while right! Who hasn’t loved a good croissant or crepe, Éclair or Fraiser? If you have, then you know what we’re talking about, if not, let’s change that!

France has so many places that serve freshly made pastries of all kinds – so on a trip, make sure you keep your eyes out for a patisserie and just indulge.

French Cuisines

Many love to try restaurants out when they travel (or even be the reason for traveling, which we thoroughly endorse) and of course we all look for the national dishes, local cuisines and unusual options we don’t find at home.

Well, make France no exception. With lots of cuisines on offer, if you do sit down at a table, some of the plat principal – main course - options you should try include:

  • Bœuf bourguignon/Vegan Seitan Bourguignon
  • Pot-au-feu
  • Duck à l'Orange
  • Ratatouille (meat-free)
  • Chicken Casserole

 We could go on, but whatever the time of day, whether you're peckish, curious or ready to eat, you won’t be far from something delicious which you can wash down with a tantalising glass of your favourite wine!

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4. Fashion and shopping

Many say Paris is the fashion capital of the world. The scene is big in France, from Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Dior, names and legacies are all firmly rooted in its culture. From glitz and glamour, to elegant and stylish, the shopping and fashion scene still thrives.

Man looking into window of fashion shop

Whatever your taste or budget, there are plenty of shopping spots ready to be viewed.

While shopping, why not stop for some lunch, make it an experience! And, if you want a guide to French fashion, there are those who have experience of the culture and are willing give some practical advice.  

Some of the fashion hotspots you should know about are:

  • The Champs-Élysées
  • Boulevard Haussmann and the Grands Boulevards
  • Paris Flea Market (a lot of retro fashion here)
  • Ruede Rivoli

Ready? Book: flights | accommodation with us.

5. Nature and beauty

People enjoying beautiful water in the Gorge
When we say get away from it all, we mean places like Verdon Gorge!

Travel to France to see the natural world. France is fortunate in its positioning on the map to have the full spectrum of weather; from icy blizzards to blazing sun and with that, nature and its beauty is free to change clothes to show her many wonderful sides.

Some of what you'll see and experience is truly inspiring and appears frequently on travel ‘bucket lists’. Immerse in the beautiful landscape of France, breathe it all in…

  • Hike in the Agriates Desert – one of the only deserts in Europe and more like a paradise with stunning beaches and blue waters set in the region of Corsica. Hike, walk, lounge and stay over, it’s a unique place that’s for certain!

  • French Alps – Breath-taking scenery, magical surroundings, trips, tours and activities - if you needed a firm reason to visit France, let it be the French Alps. A more extreme experience if you want it up close and personal, but some prefer the panoramic views it offers at a distance.  One of those bucket list items we think! You can also ski, but we’ll come to that a little later.
  • Gorges du Verdon – located in south-east France, this picturesque canyon is one for the books. Enjoy water activities, explore the Verdon Natural Park, take that long scenic walk and have a story to tell of that time you went to the Verdon Gorge!
  • Forest of Orléans – as far a French national forests go, this is the largest. A thriving ecosystem, dazzling nature spots and a symphony of birds singing night and day, this large expanse of scenic countryside is the perfect getaway from the bustle of life. Orléans Forest offers walking trails, hiking expeditions and other activities that’ll make you sorry to leave!

6. History

Old Roman ruin in Nimes, France

We are a product of what came before us. French history is outstanding and what she has preserved to this day shouldn’t be underestimated.

France isn’t just the modern, fashionable and artistic place we love today, but also a country brimming with stories of the past. Go back in time and discover things you’ll never forget.

Nîmes, Occitan. An old Roman town in Southern France still ablaze with glory as you walk the roads and see the sights. There’s so much to see and take in. This is true experiential history and there are amazing guides which you can follow to navigate around this gorgeous historical town. Personally we love the Nîmes Arena, a Roman theatre still standing today –a must see if you visit!

Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), Avignon. France’s (and indeed Western Europe's) history has been heavily intertwined with the Catholic Church over many centuries. Politics, daily living, ethics and disputes have all been debated, fought over and decided by the heads of the Church. The Pope, the leader, thus has had a prominent influence on French culture as we know it. Visit this beautiful palace – a medieval sign of power, built in the 14th century – one of the places where Western values and life was shaped and refined.

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris – the Natural history museum, over two centuries old, is the place where massive collections are brought together in one place. Spanning multiple themes including earth’s history, biology, aquatic studies and with galleries and gardens, huge effort has been made over decades to create an awesome preservation and learning experience that always has something new and exciting just around the corner!

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And there's our list. We hope you enjoyed the read and found things that caught your interest. France is a really exceptional place, full of passion and colour and life.

Make a visit in 2023 part of your plans and goals this year!

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