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15 Amazing Landmarks in London you don't want to miss!

London is absolutely bursting with majestic structures, hidden secrets, historical landmarks and natural wonders.

It’s not surprising then, that according to Euromonitor International, London has been one of the most visited cities in the world for years and post-pandemic, is showing strong signs of continuing that trend.

If you’ve considered visiting London – you’ve made a great choice!

But naturally, we want to know ‘where to go in London’, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll walk you through a carefully curated list of the places in London you shouldn’t miss. There’s something for everyone here.

Now before we start, we’ve heard the question posed ‘how many days should you spend in London’? With a city so big there’s no real answer. But to give enough time to see sights, enjoy popular attractions and make the trip really worth your while, then certainly between 4-7 days.

But if you live in the UK, then a weekend should do it – if you’re planning on coming back again to finish where you left off!

With that, let’s dive right in…


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Houses of Parliament & Big Ben

Houses of Parliament ad Big Ben, London, UK

Location: Westminster, SW1A 0AA

Officially called the Palace of Westminster - and its oldest building ‘Westminster Hall’ being built way back in 1097 by the son of William the Conqueror, William II - Parliament is the heartbeat of the UK and its walls tell tales of centuries of history.

Its current form – in the style of classic Gothic era architecture - was completed in 1860 and is where Members of Parliament (MPs) debate and vote on policies, laws and changes in the serving government.

The building itself is striking to the eye and it’s grandeur is still there after over 150 years.

And at its north end we have the worlds most famous clocktower, the Great Clock with its colossal bell, know as Big Ben!

Big Ben has an incredible history and is so iconic and beloved that intense renovations are underway to keep the majesty of this structure and the integrity of its mechanics, well, ticking!

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London Dungeon

Zoltar Speaks - the soothsayer booth at the London Dungeon's exit cafe

Location: The Queens’ Walk, Lambeth, SE1 7PB

Dare you enter the Dungeon? It’s not for the faint hearted, but for those who don’t mind a scare, it’s a real thrill!

The attraction walks you through some of the darker sides of London’s history, including infamous characters like Jack the Ripper as the stunning set designs, costumers and displays pull you into the moment and immerses you in the fear and gruesome scenes!

Don’t be too frightened, it’s not real! But there is an unexpected surprise at every turn and with ever revolving themes and sets, you likely won’t experience the same tour twice.

A brilliant time out for groups, couple and families – but if you have children under 12, you might want to consider if it’s best to take them.

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The London Eye

The London Eye reflecting in the Thames, London, UK

Location: Riverside Building, Lambeth, SE1 7PB

A 135m modern icon of the city, also known as the Millennium Wheel. This observation wheel has been an instant attraction and that’s continued since it was opened at the turn of the millennium.

The 30-minute ride takes you up in 360 degree view pods, so you can see the true skyline of one of the best cities in the world!

Share the moment with someone, take snaps and see how many famous places you can spot and name!

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Tower of London

Tower of London, UK

Location: Tower Hamlets, EC3N 4AB

From notorious prison to the home of the crown jewels, to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, few places can boast like the Tower!

A relic of the Medieval period, this site has it all, from museum to tours to period acting right at your feet – this is an experience to remember forever!

Learn about the uses the Tower had, from intimidating fortress to luxury palace to royalty.

You could spend a whole day here and still feel there’s more to see!

Don’t miss the Ravens as they ‘guard the tower’, discover the stories of torture of prisoners and meet the guards who keep safe the crown jewels.

It’s truly an experience.

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The Shard

The Shard, London, UK

Location: 32 London Bridge Street, Southwark, SE1 9SG

One of the tallest buildings in western Europe and with a view that is simply dazzling, The Shard has become a somewhat unexpected hidden gem right in the heart of London.

Look out for 40 miles in any direction in the Viewing Gallery at a height you won’t find anywhere else in the UK. It’s both inspiring and deeply romantic and is a testament to modern architecture and engineering.

But it’s not just about unmatched views, there are also a number of restaurants, bars, silent disco nights and more, making this a truly multi-purpose building.

Go on up to the Viewing Gallery, you won’t regret it! Book your tickets with our friends at Tiqets.com right here


Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, London, UK

Location: Richmond upon Thames, TW9 3AE

Another UNESCO World Heritage site and home to over 50,000 varieties of plants, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a world-famous and spectacular experience dating back to 1759!

The journey will take you through 37 acres of vintage English woodland, mammoth glasshouses and Bamboo Garden, to scenic Mediterranean cultivations and places for the kids to learn and appreciate the beautiful planet we call home.

There are many scientific initiatives you can discover first-hand going on all the time to protect and restore endangered plants, fungi and other organisms that face threat or extinction.

You’ll forget you are in a bustling city as Kew Garden is a world in itself.

Spark a passion or simply treat yourself to a unique and captivating experience.

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Location: 20 Dean Yard, SW1P 3PA

In its current form this deeply historic and important building dates back to the 1Century, when Henry III was reigning over the English realm.

The final resting place to many Kings and Queens and a site where some of the most important figures of British history have been remembered and honoured. If the walls of the Abbey could speak, what a story they could tell!

Interesting fact: Westminster Abbey has hosted every royal Coronation since 1066! That’s the same year as the battle of Hastings.

Still a place where worship services are held, this stunning building is iconic in its own right and a place that people from every walk of life have come to see and even pay their respects to honoured men from the past.

Add this to your itinerary, you won’t regret it!

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Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London

Location: Blackheath Avenue, SE10 8XJ

From the earth to the skies, the Royal Observatory serves as one of the oldest dedicated astronomical sites and has served that discipline for almost 350 years!

It has sparked life-long desire in adults and children who visited in the 1820 centuries which has given rise to new discoveries, bettermapping of the skies and even the earth and aided in the human interest in thewider universe.

The domed cinema is absolutely amazing!! If you go, you must experience it. Watch as you're guiding through some of the awesome things we know and have seen in the stars, planets and more. And of course look through the Great Equatorial Telescope – the largest in the UK.

Everyone who visits should naturally stand by the Prime Meridian, the Meridian of the World which divides the western and eastern hemispheres.

With so much to do and see, the Observatory has grown a lot since the first stone was laid in 1675 by John Flamsteed (the first Astronomer Royal).

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Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Location: 21 New Globe Walk, SE1 9DT

Shakespeare’s Globe is the open-air theatrical wonder inspired by the original playhouse, where the great playwright William Shakespeare had his plays performed.

It’s been running for 25 years and is fast become a staple of London culture.

Visitors from all over the world have attended performances and reviews are simply glowing.

If you head to London, seriously consider this for a well-spent afternoon.

See a show,or why not book a tour of the reconstructed theatre to really appreciate the beauty up close and personal with our wonderful partnersTiqets.com right here


Madame Tussauds

Wax sculpture of Michael Jackson in Madam Tussauds, London

Location: Marylebone Road, NW1 5LR

Imagine standing next to the rich, royal and famous – well you can experience the next best thing whenever you want!

One of the most unique experiences you can image, stunningly accurate and life size wax sculptures of modern western history's most important and influential people.

Stand next to the Queen, snap a few pics with David Beckham or chill with some Marvel Superheroes!

It great for the family, group or even a solo trip and has expanded to include a Marvel 4D experience and multiple ‘zones’ where you can engage in everything from music to Star Wars.

Our partners Civitatis have the tickets you need, book your visit today and get ready to be amazed. Get your tickets right here



ZSL London Zoo

Little monkey on rope at ZSL London Zoo

Location: Outer Circle, NW1 4RY

See the exotic, tropical and amazing up close in the world-famous London Zoo and Zoological Gardens – the oldest scientific zoo in the world!

Taking the experience even further as they say themselves, ’get closer to our animals’. Watch the feeding of the penguins, catch the large bird performances and be dazzled by the beauty of some of the most majestic creatures on earth.

Opening to the public in 1828, it's still going strong and has now reopened again to the public since the global pandemic forced it to shut its doors temporarily.

Don’t miss this one! Book your tickets with Viator.com right here


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge at sunset, London

Location: Tower Bridge Road, SE1 2UP

A fully functioning Grade I listed suspension-bascule bridge, which was celebrated as a feat of engineering when it was completed in 1894. A titan of the London landscape and having a unique beauty of its own, Tower Bridge has been loved since the day it opened.

Many don’t realise though, that you can actually tour the Bridge.

Starting at the North Tower, you make your way through panoramic walkways, down the South Tower, led by the blue line to the engine room.

At each step you learn about the architects, contractors and workers who made this possible, as well as the intricate and fascinating details about the Bridge itself and its cool history.

Who said learning isn’t fun?! Get your tickets for this great tour and see why this Bridge has achieved global iconic status, with Tiqets.com right here


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

Location: London, SW1A 1AA

Need we say more!

One of the most famous buildings in the world, possibly in human history and one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth II, arguably England’s greatest monarch.

Tourists flock from all over the world just to stand outside and gaze, it’s a true fan favourite and almost a must if you’ve never been to the site in person.

See the world-famous changing of the palace guards ceremony, or if you come in the right season (usually July to September) book a tour of the Palace itself and you’ll be awestruck by how opulent it really is! Book with our partners Viator.com right here


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HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast, London

Location: The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2JH

Once a Royal Navy protection vessel, HMS Belfast didn’t have much time to cruise the seas after it was commissioned in 1939 by the wife of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain – Anne Chamberlain, as she was sent to patrol in the north of the UK to stop other vessels to and from Germany.

Suffering damage quite soon after, she was sent for repairs and was out of action for a number of years.

Fast track to today, HMS Belfast still stands and is now a museum operating under the reputable Imperial War Museum.

With a range of fun family activities and the chance to explore the helm, living quarters and other areas of the ship, it’s really an immersive experience.

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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace, London

Location: Hampton Court Way, KT8 9AU

Dating back to the 16century and known unofficially as the Tudor Palace, Henry VIII was so impressed by the upgrade to this building that he made it his own private entertainment world!

It was a place to show off his prestige to guests and also where he lived and brought each of his six wives!

Set on a magnificent piece of land, today it's filled with activities and tours, magic gardens and food festivals, Hampton Court ‘after dark’ and so much more. Learn about its history, cook like a Tudor and take in the sights and sounds both from within and outside the amazing premises.

Get your entry tickets to the Palace, Garden and Maze with our friends at Tiqets.com right here



We love London! What an endless city with so much to do, see and experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed our chosen list and hey, there's so much more to show we might have to create another one!

It’s a big city, but with the right guide, you can navigate your way through and enjoy the best London has to offer.

Happy trip!

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