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Updated information on Covid-19

Well done!

Let’s start at a place you don’t usually see right at the top of a COVID-19 page. Well done for fighting through, adapting, sacrificing and still showing strength and resilience, you deserve to be commended.

You’ve pulled through times we haven’t seen for a hundred years, with the so called ‘Spanish Flu’ and we’ll have quite a story to tell the next generation!

This is one of those rare times we as a human race can say we are truly all in this together.


Hope is here, the light is already shining!

With multiple vaccines now approved and millions of vaccinations already taken place, more and more countries are rolling out programmes with the hope that in the nearer future, normalisation will begin to be felt and the restoration of hope and inspiration in the hearts of us all.


Not there yet, however

Now isn’t the time to relax though. The virus is still spreading with great force in some parts of the world and hospitalisations and deaths are continuing due to the effects of the disease on the human body.

So, we still need to be following local and national rules on social distancing (at least two meters apart), the wearing of face masks in public places, using hand sanitisers and washing hands regularly. While there is some debate around face masks, what is sure is that we need to co-operate and adhere to the rules in order to assist our governments in dealing with this medical crisis. It won’t be forever.

If you are taking a trip, make sure you have a great flying checklist so you don’t forget anything important.

Travel bans, closed borders, quarantines

Want to fly somewhere but don’t know if you’re able? The IATA (International Air Transport Association) has probably the best single source of regularly updated information available on travel restriction for each country. Before you book with us, check your intended destination for travel restrictions.

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