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A vast continents encompassing the heat and desert terrain of the south, to the glaciers of the far north, North America covers a vast scope of both weather, land and customs.

The metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta which lead the western world in pop culture, music and trends attract visitors by the millions. Each city has its own flare and are places where diverse people groups come together to live, work and play. Toronto is a beautiful example of this, mixed with the Canadian spirit makes it a highly desirable place to visit.

Going down south you will come to Mexico, the Central American cluster (e.g. Costa Rica and Cuba) and the Caribbean islands. Some of the most beautiful beaches, iconic music and festive and vibrant cultures are here, matched by glorious sunshine and the tempting escape from regular life.

For the adventurous there’s always the glaciers of Alaska!

A buzzing and busy continent, but also one that also offers quietness, peace and inner tranquillity as well as iconic history and archaeology, such as the ancient Mayan civilisation.

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