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Some of the most common questions asked during the booking phase of a trip involve queries about travel visas and other forms you might need to complete.

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Types of travel documents you may need

You may find you need at least one of the following documents if you fly anywhere out of the territory you’re in:

eVisa (tourist, business, medical)

In a nutshell, a visa document is explicit approval given by a country for a citizen of another country to enter its borders, i.e. country A saying “you’re welcome here, come on in!”. An eVisa is just an electronic version of the paper document that’s traditionally issued to successful applicants.

Particularly if you’re planning to travel out of Europe, this may be essential to your travel needs. Nations will have their own visa requirements and you’ll need to sort this out before you fly.


Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. The United States requires this authorisation process to be completed to let visitors travel without a visa. The Canadian equivalent to an ESTA is the eTA Canada. There are several other travel authorisation (TA) systems across the globe, we’ve just highlighted a couple of the more well-known ones.

Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

This must be completed before you arrive at the destination you're travelling to. The PLF helps efforts to contact-trace should there be any exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19. It tells the relevant authorities when you plan to arrive and leave its territory and can also be used if checks need to be done relating to self-isolation.

Health declaration form

Of course, this has become increasingly important since the global pandemic. Different countries may call this by different names, but the information it aims to gather is the same. It has been a useful tool in the fight against many different diseases over the years and it may be necessary to complete one of these forms or you’ll find entry to your destination closed.

Embassy registration (e.g. when no tourist visa is required)

This is an excellent security measure in case of emergencies or any other issue you may experience while you're abroad. It’s good practice (though not necessarily mandatory) to let your embassy (at the destination country) know. That way you have an information and communications channel open continuously should you need it, or need to be contacted by the department.

Some of the other documents you may come across depending on where you are travelling are: landing authorisation, tourist card (land, air), tourist invitation letter, business invitation letter, pre-arrival registration, arrival card or affidavit.

Sorting through all this can take hours. We’d rather you spent that time planning the most amazing trip possible!

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